Sneak Preview: Keys of Awakening

This is a small extract from a piece that comes immediately before Chapter One in “Keys of Awakening” (Book 2 of the Destiny of Fire trilogy.
It pertains to the Iolan Arcanum of Esoteric Knowledge.

True magic, or true power, comes about in this way: all the powers of the universe are already present within each and every being’s core. It is only our sense of limitation – our belief that we are small – that prevents us from experiencing this truth.

This sense of limitation is itself a power. It is known as Marbas and in this instance serves an important purpose: that of keeping us here, in this physical realm, to experience life in this limited way. If it were removed, we would not dream of remaining so limited for another moment and we would expand back into the truth of our natural vastness.

So Marbas (or Seeming) is already strong within all in existence for we believe ourselves to be other than we are: we believe ourselves to be powerless, small and weak – when in fact the opposite is true. The reasons why we have placed this limitation upon ourselves, while of great interest to all, are not relevant here so we shall not pursue them. We leave those questions to the alchemists of thought: to the philosophers, the scholars and in particular to the priesthood of Ataram, for it is they who delve deep into the fabric of the reality that underlays and sustains the illusory world of substance. Here we must limit our focus to the powers that can become available to us within the Great Dream.

At the onset, therefore, it is essential to understand that we are the ones to have chosen this state of affairs: chosen to limit ourselves and to forget our true nature through no volition other than our own.

The inevitable question follows: why is this understanding essential? And the answer that is offered is that in order to become truly empowered we must first take responsibility for the power that already lies within us – even if this power lies dormant and unseen.

To expand on this: the powers that we seek cannot be found outside of us. Each and every one of them is never acquired from an external source; instead, they are re-membered, meaning that they are brought back into oneness. So this is the first great law on the path to power:

There is nothing to be acquired from without. Not from any ancient tome, not from some arcane artefact, nor from any of the great wise ones.

Any assistance or guidance received from outside of us is merely there because we have placed it there ourselves in order that, little by little, or as the folk-tales like to say – petal by petal – we retrace our way home, back to the truth that we have temporarily abandoned in order to marvel at the scope of this Great Dream.

Even this answer is often insufficient to appease the budding student who has but recently stepped upon the path. So I will add this one more thing and then I shall hold my tongue:

To see a power as existing exclusively outside of us is no better than disempowering self-deceit: it does not lead to mastery, it leads to slavery. Slavery to the perceived source of the power: to the tome, to the artefact or to the wise one. Furthermore, the power that is thus perceived cannot be attained as long as this false perception persists, for its true source is not understood. It is like the tale of the maiden who chances upon her image reflected in a still forest pool and becomes enamoured by the diadem worn by her reflection. We all know the tale: she grows old trying to wrest the ornament from her reflection. So it is with these powers.

For this reason the final task of anyone approaching mastery must be to cast all teachers, artefacts and tomes into the flames – symbolically, of course – but a powerful symbol that equates to stating that the source of all true power lies, only and ever, within.

If one wishes to become an adept of power and magic one must first uncover one’s underlying nature and come to terms with who one truly is.

To do so means to become a Seeker. A true Seeker must embark upon and master each of the Thirteen Paths and become in turn Nergal, Eilo, Ravana, Marbas, Dumai, Samain, Phogor, Zagan, Cabar, Anath, Gamor, Rahu and finally Temas.

This is a Journey that can last a full lifetime, and beyond.


From The Arcanum of the Seeker  –  An Introduction for the Initiate

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  1. Sarah
    6 years ago

    What a treat! Beautiful wise words, a balm for the spirit.
    Thank you for this Claudio I am excited about reading the Keys of Awakening and will have to read Illiom again in anticipation!
    Brightest Blessings


    Claudio Silvano Reply:

    Thanks Sarah, yeah, it’s been a long haul between books, but KEYS is almost among us, I can feel the book materialising in this reality… Blessings to you also!


  2. Gail Goldfinch
    6 years ago

    Hello Claudio…
    A tantalising extract – can’t wait for the book. When will we be able to pre-order?
    Love and Blessings


  3. Diddy Schaap
    7 years ago

    Hi Claudio,
    Thank you for sharing your wild imaginations with the audience. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Iliom and anticipate the continuing of the story. You know how it feels when the story is not finished yet!
    Please stay bold and brave and keep publishing your books!


    Claudio Silvano Reply:

    Hi Diddy,
    Thank YOU for your comment! I’m so glad you enjoyed Illiom’s journey so far and please know that I’m working hard at completing Keys of Awakening. (Yes! I do know what it’s like to be left hanging… just bought Stephen Donaldson’s final book in the Thomas Covenant series that I started in 1980!!!)
    I’m polishing Keys up at the moment – ironing out all the ‘cringes’ and then it’s off to the editor, then proofreader, then typesetter and finally printer… I always think it’s going to be quicker than it actually is. Hopefully in time the whole writing process will get faster – it probably would be faster if I didn’t have to worry about the day job as well – ah, to be free to just write … maybe soon…


  4. Tere
    8 years ago

    what a wonderful gift for my day! Thanks, Claudio, Hi to you and Sa, from Canada, love x


  5. John McQuade
    8 years ago

    Great words of wisdom . I came to the same conclusion and have been following my inner wisdom for a while now occasionally topping it up from other people or groups


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The DESTINY OF FIRE trilogy is now available!

The DESTINY OF FIRE trilogy is now available!



Posted 15 December 2017

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