Daring to read the signs of destiny

Signs of Destiny

Our lives are extraordinary! If only we could open ourselves up to the amazing wonder of who we truly are.

Dreams, realizations, liminal experiences, synchronicities… the invisible is constantly attempting to communicate with the visible.  If, against our better judgement, we decide to pursue the messages from the invisible world, we may well find that the dominant culture will do its utmost to convince us to negate these experiences as  coincidences, as superstition or as something meaningless that we ascribe far too much importance to…  in some extreme cases we may even end being diagnosed with a mental health issue.

And yet, when such a door opens, it is not easily closed again. Or if we do close it – because of fear – and hide it’s existence behind a curtain or a concrete wall, the fact remains that we know that the door is still there, just waiting for us to be ready to open it again and face whatever lurks inside.

When I was fourteen I had my first such opening. I was walking in my home town, going about my business, pursuing whatever fancy my fourteen-year-old mind had decided to focus on at the time, when unexpectedly and without warning, it opened.

It opened me to the recognition that there was no difference between me and everyone else on the planet. This was not just the vague realization of a shared humanity, oh no, this was much weirder than that: it was a sudden, complete and nonsensical knowing that there was only the  ONE, not the many. For me, that day, the experienced synthesized into one inexplicable and sudden awareness:

“I am the only one who exists.”

It was something that made no sense at all but it hit me with the impact of the proverbial Mack truck.  I am at a loss to describe it in English and need to resort to using a language that specialises in metaphysical experiences and concepts: Sanscrit.

And the word that nest describes my experience is the word spanda. A quick Google search brings us an immediate definition:

“Spanda is…  a key concept… according to which the entire universe is nothing but conscious energy, and that everything in the universe is that consciousness expressed in different forms…”

You might think that an experience of that magnitude could well change the course of my life.  And you be wrong.  It did not change a thing.  I filed it away in the too hard basket and waited (unconsciously) for life to dredge up more information.

But even though did not put the experience to any use, I never forgot the incident either.  That kind of experience stays with you, no matter what course your life may take. It remains dormant, resurfacing from time to time just to remind you that things may not be as they seem, that there may be more to life than this thing we think of as reality.

For twenty years it was just a very unusual milestone in my life that I referred to from time to time. Twenty years passed before the issue of spanda re-surfaced, and when it did, I was ready…

But that is another story.


So what, pray, does any of this have to do with Illiom?

Illiom’s tale delves into the esoteric dimension of existence. It presents us with a reality that matches, in many ways, our own. On the other hand it offers several alternatives to Albradan’s  conservative mainstream. There is the reality of the Kingdom of Iol, the realm that embraces the very magic that Albradan abhors, there is the reality of the Draca, one that clearly transcends that of all five realms. And finally there is the legacy of the past: the cause of  Albradan’s abhorrence for anything magical, but one that also hints that magic may be the inescapable foundation of everything that exists.

My hope is that the Destiny of Fire trilogy will give the reader a fresh and expansive experience of the new paradigms that are emerging as a result of the evolution of human consciousness.

It is not up to me to decide if I have succeeded in this or not.

That task belongs to you – the book’s reader – and to time itself.

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  1. Ros
    8 years ago

    It was while I was still at school, that I felt the I AM – One in All All in One experience. It’s something that even now I’m still in wonderment of it’s meaning. I don’t really have an answer from it. It sure is wonderful living it though!

    Really want to get reading more of the book ……….


    Claudio Silvano Reply:

    Ros, thanks for sharing your experience, I love it that people are putting their experiences up. It seems to me that these are all incredibly important quickenings that often play a major role in determining how our lives unfold. Surely we must all have them somewhere in the mists of the past… what do we do with them, though? Treasure them? Hide them? Bring them out to look at in private like Gollum’s “precious”? I know I have never broadcast mine far and wide (well, until now) but I have always looked at it as a touchstone, a tearing in the veil, a source of hope…


  2. Anna
    8 years ago

    wow where do you find the amazing pictures? I remember when I was about 16, being on the Adelaide railway station at peak hour and thinking how like ants we all were scurrying about pouring down the stirs onto the platforms and away in packed trains. Suddenly I was overwhelmed by the conviction that there must be more to life than daily striving and activity, more than the cycle of birth growth reproduction ageing and death or else what would be the point of it all … and there was such an overwhelming sense that there is much more than what I could see. Looking back I think that’s when I started looking for meaning.
    This reminds me of The Matrix movies – once you become aware of another dimension to reality you can’t go back to not knowing.


    Claudio Silvano Reply:

    Re the pics, they’re all Googled 🙂
    Yep, I like that. Once you open your eyes to a different perception you just can’t go back to not seeing. It’s going to be fun to see where this blog goes because right now I have absolutely no idea… bit like life.


  3. Sandy
    8 years ago

    What blew away my (co-existing) scientific and religious worldviews at around that age where three questions.
    If god created the universe, who created god?
    If the universe started from the big bang, what was before the big bang?
    Why was I born into this body, in this country, in this time?

    Not Illiom’s questions, but the ones which opened me up to listening to the esoteric dimension of experience.

    I have not heard the term Spanda before, but it fairly accurately represents the fundamental basis of my worldview for the last few decades. I express it as “All That Is” which represents both god and everything else – spirit, energy and the physical universe. God is “All That Is”, therefore everything in the universe is an aspect of god.


    Claudio Silvano Reply:

    Hey Sandy,
    yes, it seems to be the age when glimpses of “truth” seem to be more abundant…
    And even coming from completely different brain spaces (left or right) we can reach the same awareness: that things are most probably not as they seem.

    It requires, I feel, a certain amount of courage to ask questions when no answers are apparent.
    The easy path, in the short run, is to hold an answer like a shield, though not so easy in the long run: no shield will deflect the abyss when our time comes…


  4. darlene
    8 years ago

    Opened the door and threw away the key….let the magick flow ~~~ <3 ~~~

    Looking forward to more of Illiom's journey.


    Claudio Silvano Reply:

    Welcome aboard, Darlene. Good to see you here right at the forefront, as usual… Bless XX 🙂


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The DESTINY OF FIRE trilogy is now available!

The DESTINY OF FIRE trilogy is now available!



Posted 15 December 2017

The Final volume of Destiny of Fire is now in print and can be obtained HERE