About Nexus and beyond

Well, that was quite the ride … I hope you enjoyed it (I know did!).

So now the next question is … now what?
Nexus had kept me blogging effortlessly for almost 3 months! So yes, I confess: I’m a lazy blogger.

The story of Nexus came to me sometime back in the late eighties when I first came across the notion that what we call reality is nothing but an illusion – albeit a highly convincing one. So I started writing Nexus (under the working title of Dreamknot) and got about half way (less than 10,000 words) when I found myself running on empty.
I still knew roughly what I wanted to say, but just didn’t know how to…

A few years ago I revisited the story and finished it. Which sounds great except I was not happy with either the writing nor the ending. Then earlier this year I picked it up again and rewrote the bits I wasn’t happy with.

The result was the Nexus of Dreams that you see today.

So back to that crucial question of “what now?”

There are a couple of other stories that are in desperate need of rewriting and then there are a couple of ideas that have been lying fallow in my subconscious for decades. They are full of weeds as big as trees, but might be worth revisiting with a large machete or even a flame-thrower…

About book two of Destiny of Fire .

Keys of Awakening is proceeding very nicely. Currently going through what must be the fourth draft.

Jan in Adelaide is doing a great job editing it, chapter by chapter (she’s on chapter 6) and of course my primary editor, Sa Silvano, has already gone over the first 18 chapters with a fine-toothed comb, pointing out all the things I was either too blind to see or too lazy to do anything about…

So when can you expect to see a copy in print? If history repeats itself I would safely say by February 2014, unless a miracle happens (so please add your prayers to mine and tweet God…)

On that note I’ll sign off and bid you a great week!

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The DESTINY OF FIRE trilogy is now available!

The DESTINY OF FIRE trilogy is now available!



Posted 15 December 2017

The Final volume of Destiny of Fire is now in print and can be obtained HERE