Loved It!

By Penny – June 30, 2013
I absolutely loved this book. I couldn’t put it down. It was a great story and I would recommend it to anyone. I can’t wait wait to read more of this story.

Illiom Daughter of Prophecy

By Madeline Day – June 26, 2013
Very much enjoyed his characters & the creation of the world which she inhabits, I’m an avid fantasy fiction reader & found it hard to put he book down!  Also my first ever read via the i-pad!

Loved it! Highly recommend!

 By Devanne DiBacco – June 16, 2013
I very much enjoyed this novel. The character development we see not just in Illiom but the other Chosen is astoundingly great. I saw a few formatting and typing errors but nothing really distracting. I love the depth of th story so at some points i figured out things that took the characters three chapters to get but still, it added suspense that had me turning page after page.  4 stars because of the errors i mentioned. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Great characters and story

By Ian Bland – June 15, 2013
Illiom is an amazingly believable character, I enjoy the way she is “chosen” and has difficulty believing that. I also enjoy the way the Author has created such a disparate group and brings together all the characters in a believable unbelievable story. More please Claudio!

Thank you!

By Faerie Sarah – June 2, 2013
Thank you for sharing this story, thank you for a new world to immerse myself in!
I loved it so much! The characters really captured my interest I want to know more about them, I love their unfolding detail! I also loved – ‘Who’ and witnessing the relationship of Illiom and Tarmel blossom.
I have lots of questions, I am going to have to read it again to keep piecing the puzzle together!
Thank you Claudio for inspiring me and sharing your story telling gift with the world!

Great book

By Jessica – May 29, 2013
This review is from: Illiom, Daughter of Prophecy (Destiny of Fire) (Kindle Edition)
I had a hard time putting it down, very detailed writing. Can not wait until the next one comes out!

Could not put down

By Peggy lane – May 24, 2013
Eagerly awaiting the next book!!! Everyone seems to have a secret. Can the Chosen learn to trust each other enough to reveal those secrets.

Oh my, I have just had my best read for a very, very long time. Awesome Claudio

By OOnagh Scott – March 1, 2013
Vibrantly, eloquently and masterfully written, this story takes me on a journey, felt to my very core. I was a participant in time (both past and present) within every page. Mmmm, who am I???
Both characters and storyline were skilfully woven through a tapestry of myth and intrigue of times gone by, and yet not?!
I found myself wanting to be the heroine (Illiom), however in the diversity of the colourful archetypal characters, I recognised aspects of myself in almost every one of them. (the romantic in me loved the undertones between Illiom and Tarmel!!)
I was left wanting the sequel – NOW!!!!!
Thank you so much for an exciting, yet intimate journey into myself.
Congratulations! – if this is a start of what is to come, I am so excited for your journey Claudio.

Superb read

By Ros Betts – February 21, 2013
From the first word to the end of this first volume, it was an enthralling read. Just as I like it. Really looking forward to the second one of the trilogy. Wonderful work Claudio and blessings to you, that you have got it out there!

Rich high stakes thriller with wisdom to share

By Ura P Auckland – February 10, 2013
Illiom Daughter of Prophecy is a breathtakingly beautiful and exciting book, that has left me ready to sleep outside the bookshop for the next book in the trilogy when it hits the shelves I hope in the near future.
Illiom is a mix of fantasy, metaphysics, a high stakes thriller, and with rich characters placed in an imagined world of rare colour and beauty.
The story’s hero Illiom is a wonderful and kind of quirky character that I connected with from the first page. I loved her view of this world we went out into together, and having a great many new experiences with her. All of the characters were engaging and real, and Mr Silvano has shown himself to have a rich and vivid imagination, both for the beauty and detail he captures in an imagined world, and for the clever plot with unimagined possibilities constantly emerging to keep the pace up.
But Illiom is not just a wonderful fantasy thriller. It also shares through the characters journies much wisdom that I have accumulated on my inner journey from a variety of sources including personal experience. Like Paulo Coehlo’s ‘The Alchemist’ and James Redfield’s ‘The Celestine Prophecy’ Illiom is a book that will affect people’s lives.
I look forward to books two and three, and I look forward to a movie version to see it all come to life on the big screen, though I am sure a movie won’t be as good as the book.

Fantastic Read

By Sacred Spirit – January 16, 2013
Thanks Claudio for bringing information forth that resonated deep memories within. Your ease and style of writing is a delight and the words flowed with the energy of love and wisdom. Looking forward to your next book.

Illiom is a cracking good read, there are no clichéd Elves and half baked worlds here.

By Murray W Barton – December 12, 2012
Illiom is a cracking good read. Claudio doesn’t just tell a good story he introduces a whole new world rich with myth, complete and believable. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the trilogy to find out what happens next but also I can’t wait to return to Theregon. Illiom makes a welcome, fresh addition to the fantasy genre- there are no clichéd Elves and half baked worlds here.

Set-up novel for more to come.

By Kenneth B. Cassell – December 4, 2012
I would actually rate this about 3 1/2 stars. It’s not a stand alone novel and I thought that some of the description went on too long. There are some intriguing magical aspects, but, for me they weren’t as tight as true magic system. The characters were drawn with individuality and the writing was good. This first novel didn’t have a complete story arc and that will come in other volumes.


By Martial – November 19, 2012
Claudio Silvano’s new book is a breath of fresh air. Finally a fantasy that has more depth to it than simply a rocking good story. Easy to read, the book takes you along a fantastic journey into a strange, yet faintly familiar fantasy world that has undertones of mystery, darkness and yes, even romance. The authors mastery of splicing the subconcious and ethereal into his storyline is effortless, his characters are compelling, substantial and have such individual depths. And all this from a first author. I couldn’t put it down….. When’s the next one on the shelves?

Please hurry and write the rest!!!

By Spiralstar – November 6, 2012
OMG I was so sad when it finished, can’t wait for the next episode. I really love your style, smooth as silk, beautifully descriptive, diverse believable characters, great mystical storyline and spiritual undertones. I truly did not want to stop reading. I highly recommend it. Claudio is an author to watch!

Outstanding work.

By Colin Johnson – October 28, 2012
Claudio has created something special with this first book Illiom Daughter of Prophecy. An un-putdownable book, outstanding work Claudio, I look forward to the sequels!

A gripping fantasy with passion, heart and spirit

By Sandpulse – October 20, 2012
What an awesome story!
Exquisitely written.
The story unfolds with depth and drama, and the writing is quite transporting.
The characters are finely drawn and full of life.
A richly crafted world of five very diverse states bound in a peaceful yet uneasy commonweal. The peace of the past millenium is being destabilised by a mysterious and powerful threat. Seven are chosen by prophecy to penetrate the mystery and confront the elusive forces darkening the world.
This is top class writing and I am very keen to see it in print.
We are in capable hands here.
The next book promises to be even better as the narrative develops.

Destiny of Fire is flaming great!

By Darlene – October 10, 2012
If you are looking for a read that takes you for a ride, hand in hand stride for stride with the characters ,then look no further.The story may be set in a fantastical time in the past,yet it has you relating to the characters and fires your imagination through every turn of the page.It keeps you spell bound,as if the magic within the story also has its way with you.
This is not only a book that takes you on an adventure of mystery and intrigue,it also gifts you with insights and wisdom that only one who has a deep understanding of the mystical aspects of life ,could share with us through story.
That this tale has been woven by a first time author is hard to believe.I highly recommend reading this if you enjoy having a story impacting long after you have put it down.Be one of the first to discover this author .

I will certainly be buying the next book!

By Martin F Quinlan – October 9, 2012
This book is well written, has a great storyline and cannot be put down. I really enjoyed the book and will certainly be buying the next two in the series. I think we have discovered a new author whom I hope has many such tales to give to us.

More please!!

By Barbara – October 8, 2012
Whenever I read a fantasy novel, I want to be taken away from the “real” world, and completely
immersed in the world of the characters in the book. Well, that is exactly what happened when
I read “Illiom, Daughter of Prophecy.” Claudio transported me right into the world of his
imagination to meet his colourful characters and travel their road with them …I can’t wait to read the next book!

Dreaming the World – Illiom

By Deborah Lowen – October 6, 2012
I loved the book, can’t wait for the next volume! Claudio has created a world in which the
archetypal stories of the human person are told with energy and intelligence. The story unfolds
beautifully and the plot has satisfying threads and swirls that stimulate imaginings and dreamings.

What a Heart!!!

By Rayleen – October 4, 2012
Illiom, Daughter of Prophecy, Wow, this book bought so much to me, it is a union of the creativity of the heart, the mind and true life reality. Let me take you on a journey, a journey to venture into ones heart, creating the magic union that will bring every one into oneness not only in your self but with each other. Its a book that shows the personalities of heart, fear and wisdom, so true to life, which Claudio has magically transformed into a story that can show your own lifes journey, if you dear to see, in all characters.
As i began to read this inspiring story i could not put it down It left me wanting more, I enjoyed being taken into Illiom’s reality, it was a great adventure, total immersion. Not only with his story but also immersing oneself in the energy of Claudio’s writing.
So Claudio i ask be quick with Book II. Illiom, Daughter of Prophecy, Destiny of Fire I look forward to see how much we will all grow or shall I say how much we have Awakened. A true pleasure to read, thank you for sharing your dream and energy with us.

Destiny of Fire is a great read for those who enjoy fiction with a strong spiritual message.

By Leo Drioli
Claudio Silvano masterfully transports the reader into a whole new world of mystical adventure through the age-old battle of Good and Evil, offering valued insight and learning every step of the way. It’s a real page-turner.

Keys of Awakening is here!

Keys of Awakening is here!

- - - - - And now available for purchase - - - - -


Posted 20 September 2015

Well, it's finally done!
The second volume in Destiny of Fire is out.

I've started to deliver and post out all the books to those of you who have so generously supported me in the Pozible crowd-funding venture.

If you haven't received your copy yet, you will soon enough.

I hope you enjoy the book and will give me some feedback - I've put a lot of love and energy into it.
May it reach and inspire every one of you.

And once again: thank you.