The Common Weal of Theregon

is the setting in which Illiom’s story unfolds.  It comprises the five realms of Albradan, Evarudas, Iol, Altra and Kroen.  The name, Theregon, derives from a descriptive term in the land’s Common-speech that refers to Ther Egon, which translate as the Third Age of the known world.

This of course begs the question: what were the first two Ages and what is known about them?

The First Age was Yar Egon and almost nothing is known about this time save that it ended in a dire catastrophe that all but wiped the achievements of its denizens from the face of Âtras. Did anyone survive this Devastation?  Are the current inhabitants of Theregon descendants of those early inhabitants or did they come to these lands from elsewhere?  These questions remain unanswered to this day.theregon

Not much has come down to us from Yar Egon, a dozen or so ruins of old cities and Middle Road, that length of impeccable engineering that connects the ruins of Ghanst in the far northern shores between Altra and Kroen, to those of Gost, on the southernmost tip of Theregon not far from the border between Albradan and Iol.

The ruins are shunned by all endowed with any intelligence, for the malice that lingers there is like a sentient evil that watches all who enter and does not leave them alone until well after they have taken their leave.  The dark green mass of vitreous remains suggests that the ruins were not so much destroyed by sheer force as melted by an unimaginable power.  There is no debris in the ruins, no sand and no pebbles, nothing but one molten mass that still manages to suggest, in places, the forms of the buildings and towers that once rose up towards the sky.

So the Devastation signalled the end of the First Age of the world and the beginning of Dur Egon. the Second Age, one steeped in relentless darkness.  Maybe the Devastation was responsible for the insanity that plagued these lands, maybe it was something else, but whatever the cause, the first recorded stirrings of people from that time are the bloodthirsty encounters between the war bands of the petty chieftains that had emerged from the land’s wreckage and who now struggled for supremacy.  Dur Egon was an age of skirmishes and battles, of alliances and betrayals that led to ever larger conflagrations and finally to all-out wars. This age is marked more by death than by birth, more by destruction than by creation.

As the hundreds of different tribes grew fewer in number, so did their ranks swell until only five remained. Five who were each poised to conquer all  others, each driven by the ambition to dominate and to become the only power within the land.  Who knows where the warlords’ schemes would have delivered them if a small but powerful group of beings known as the Draca had not arisen to curb their madness?

The Draca numbered just five – then as they still do to this day, at the onset of our story – and each one approached one of the surviving warlords with a simple proposition: meet the Draca’s demands or perish.  There is little doubt that this request was at first met with scorn and ridicule, and yet it must have been short lived because, as we now all now know, the Draca are powerful beyond measure.

Even so it took a while to work away at the divisions that had grown to monstrous proportions between the five lands, but the Draca worked tirelessly and within the span of just a few hundred years, they managed to bring the progeny of the five warlords they had at first accosted into agreement and the Common Weal was born.

The inception of the Common Weal marked the end of the second and the beginning of this, the Third Age of the known world.  It brought with it an enduring peace, one that has lasted for these past thousand years, one that has been constantly monitored by the watchful, tireless eyes of the Draca of Ther Egon.

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The DESTINY OF FIRE trilogy is now available!

The DESTINY OF FIRE trilogy is now available!



Posted 15 December 2017

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