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The eagle flew amongst the ruins, seeking the updraft that would return her to the eyrie.
She found it and spread her wings to catch the rising air.
Always mindful of food, she studied the ground beneath her as she soared.
Nothing moved amongst the dense weeds and the trees.
Creatures sheltered under the rusting bodies of cars, of course, but as these were beyond reach, she paid them no heed.
She alighted on the ledge next to the stone gargoyle that watched over her eaglets.
She preened her feathers and then cast a proud gaze over the pinnacles of the ancient skyscrapers that rose all around her.


This is the first blog in a long while…
The time has come for me to put much more energy into this site.
I’ve started a Facebook group recently entitled A Hundred Words a Day, and now I’ve decided to do the same here – except that the word count here will be exactly 108 words for every post, unless longer.
Why 108?
Well, if anyone asks me, I’ll let you know…
The challenge in these short writings is to make them short as well as punchy … we’ll see how it goes…

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Keys of Awakening is here!

Keys of Awakening is here!

- - - - - And now available for purchase - - - - -


Posted 20 September 2015

Well, it's finally done!
The second volume in Destiny of Fire is out.

I've started to deliver and post out all the books to those of you who have so generously supported me in the Pozible crowd-funding venture.

If you haven't received your copy yet, you will soon enough.

I hope you enjoy the book and will give me some feedback - I've put a lot of love and energy into it.
May it reach and inspire every one of you.

And once again: thank you.